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代理人迴避和地點疏通 - نماينده‌ پرهيز و تغيراتى

About the Empire:

The Pangean Empire is a worldwide peace movement towards territorial disputes and is an expression of the right to nationality. It currently claims all territory of international territorial dispute with a few exceptions. It does not claim the same land as any of the UN Security Council's permanent members (China, Russia, France, United States of America, or the United Kingdom) and also does not claim land of countries that recognize it as a nation. Any person that feels they have no nationality or is born of no citizenship may become a Pangean National. The Pangean Empire is a constitutional monarchy, the current monarch being Emperor Andrew S. Edwards. Each territory may appeal to the Emperor to elect its governor, and territories outside the empire may appeal to the Emperor to gain soverignty for a territory. If a territory has a peaceful structure of fair government for only this territory, the Emperor will declare that government His Imperial Majesties Territorial Government of the region. The Empire has the right to officially recognize countries.

Rights for citizens of the Pangean Empire:
Right to Freedom from Slavery or Servitude
Right to Vote in Elections
Right to Peaceful Association
Right to be Free of Torture
Right to Non-Destructive Speech
Right to Equality
Right to Buy and Own Property
Right to be Free from Unreasonable Arrest
Right to Fair Trial

Other "non-claims":
Isreal, Palistine, Holy See, bodies of water, North Korea, South Korea

The Govenment:

The Emperor:
The Emperor, Andrew Scott Edwards, grew up in the United States (though shows no favoritism towards the US). He does not hold political sway, religious sway, economic sway, or any official stances except the views from official decrees and the rights of the empire. All that will be told of his religious views is that he is a monothiest, believes in prophets, the virgin birth of jesus, believes in an eternal paradise, believes in hell, and follows Abraham. He is a supporter of humanitarianism, and has been involved in politics from a young age. His official birthday is April 6th. With the support of advisors he issues decrees of what is considered "fair law in popular support of the people".

Local and Regional:
These are the existing local governments (city/town in most cases) and other governments that are popularly determined as fair and supportive to the people. The decision of who is the Imperial Territorial Government is based on the Emperor and the happiness/vote of the people. Existing governments who's power is not extended outside of that territory is kept in tact by the Imperial Government.

International and Humanitarian:
The Empire considers United Nations as its International Relations and Humanitarian superior and guide. It respects the soverignty of all territories of the permanent members of the UN security council and recognizes those member countries. It is applying for status through different departments of the United Nations. The Empire shares all the sanctions, humanitarian beliefs, and policies of the UN. The rights of the Empire's rights were actually based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


References and Maps















These maps are just some examples of territories claimed by the Pangean Empire to settle international border disputes.

Email the Empire:

References of disputed territories:
CIA Factbook


1: Citizenship is available to all refugees and locals of Imperial Territories.

2: Territories that are officially annexed (other than just claimed) are as follows (including reasons):
-Western Sahara (claimed by Spain, Morrocco, and the SADR/ also has many refugees)
-Fergana Valley (claimed by Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgystan creating 3 way problems)
-Len Dao Reef (asia-spratly islands) (claimed by more than 3 nations/ no official ownership)
-Sapodilla Cays (claimed by Belize, Guatamala, and Honduras/ also to solve Belize-Guatamala crisis)
-Caprivi Strip (africa) (refugees/ also claimed by more than 3 countries/ also rebellion)
-Antartica (claimed by more than 3 nations/ also to prevent commercialization)
-Tunbs and Abu Musa Islands (claimed by UAE and Iran/ also to be sure straight of Hormuz is open)
-Kashmir (claimed by India and Pakistan/ also to keep down China-Tibet tensions)
-Hala'ib and Bir Tawil (designated no mans land by Sudan and Egypt/ also many refugees)
-Bajo Nuevo Bank (Petrel Islands) (claimed by 4 nations of north and central america/currently has no administration)

3: The rights above (Universal Declaration of Rights) are available to all refugees and citizens over the age of 16.

4: If the Republic of Turkey turns over the rights and claims to Imia/Kardak Island to the Pangean Empire (c/o Andrew S. Edwards), the Pangean Empire will deem the Kurdish Workers Party an illegal organication, recognize the Turkish soverignty of the Eastern Anatolia Region (not Armenia), and will both establish relations with the Republic of Turkey and recognize it as a nation. If Greece (Hellenic Republic) turns over the rights and claims to Imia/Kardak Island to the Pangean Emprie (c/o Andrew S. Edwards), the Pangean Empire will recognize the name of "the Former Macedonian Republic of North Macedonia," will recognize the Republic of Cyprus and the Greece (Hellenic Republic), and establish relations with both.

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South 'Asir - Tihamat 'Asir

This is the evidence that the old Asir Emirate, Upper and Lower Asir including the area of Tihamah. These are the lands in the provinces on Hajjah, Al Hudaydah, and Sa'dah.

South 'Asir ( Tihamat 'Asir) is lands of Al-Aeidh and Idrisid Tihama, so therefore part of the Treaty of Taif to Saudi Arabia. Prior to 1352 Najran was Peripheral Aksum, which extended down most of South 'Asir/Tihamah (Treaty of Taif). Left of Hamadan is South 'Asir/Tihama, which is also part of the Treaty of Taif. Saudi's conquered the and incorporated 'Asir between 1920-1923. The nation of 'Asir joined the Saudi Dynasty in 1801 and again in the 1840's. Finally is the fact that in the 1900's all this land belonged to Asir and was a British Protectorate but was taken by Saudi Arabia, which was accepted by the British. (Maps below show areas previously mentioned including tribes, etc. proving the land belonging to Saudi Arabia.)

Also due to security issues and terrorists being present in Yemen, also because of the deaths of five in South Yemen due to autonomous movemens in Aden and Dhofar, these areas should be ceded to Saudi Arabia immediatly. The interim prince of South 'Asir/Tihamah shall be Andrew S. Edwards (Prince Sheikh Andreh bin Mik'hail).