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Secret Service uses Facebook

We have all heard of the White House party crashers and their photos on Facebook... but just how did the Secret Service have access to it? Hmmm... Connection?


Connection With MCI Communications

 Yesterday I did a command promt ping for, from which I got the IP address (when you search this IP address on google it comes up with only a few results, one result talks about facebook even now). After doing some research I found that this belongs to a company known as MCI Communications (which no longer exists). Today, the ping's IP was different, so I had to look for other connections.

 I looked up the IP address for (which is facebook in french... owned in full by Facebook Inc.), the IP address is The connections begin to come back at this. After doing a lookup of and they both have the same root servers, the same black/white/green lists of sites, and the same contacts. This shows further connection.

 Why is MCI Communications important? Here's why: Its headquarters is in Washington D.C., strangly close to CIA headquarters in fact. William G. McGowan (the founder), discharged army, chemical engineer, worked with department of justice. In the mid-to-late 1980s MCI partnered with several universities and provided the high speed telecommunications links between their computer systems. This network, operated under the auspices of the National Science Foundation was called NSFNet, used the TCP/IP protocol that had been developed by the U.S. Department of Defense ARPANet and was the immediate forerunner to the Internet. From the early 90's on, MCI's network was an integral part of the global Internet backbone.

 MCI Communications (aka worldcom) also runs the cia's Intelink website showing that it is the CIA's web company. Since MCI got bought out by Verizon you can see lots of interaction between Verizon and Facebook (Fios TV is facebook and twitter, Droid has facebook, and Verizon has more fans on facebook than any competitor). This shows that there IS infact an unnatural partnership.

CIA Facebook Connection



Technology Sharing

Although no connection has been proved, "Cassandra" is the name of both the famous event prediction system the CIA was developing, and the name of Facebook's database managment system.

Also is the csharing of information between Facebook and the CIA through A-Space (Analytic Space). In developing the social network for A-Space the CIA personally invited Mark Zuckerburg (founder of Facebook) to come help develope the specs.